Los Andes

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The Inter Andean Region Ecuador is one of the four natural regions of the country. Commonly known as Sierra. It has its origins in the Inca and pre-Inca cultures that were faced in his time with the Spanish conquest. The Ecuadorian highlands extends through the Andes crossing from north to south to Ecuador. It is formed by the provinces Pichincha, Carchi, Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Canar, Azuay, Loja, Imbabura, Bolivar and Cotopaxi.

This region is known for its breathtaking mountain ridges, volcanoes and glaciers. Among the most important are the Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. Its 10 provinces have historically important cities such as Quito and Cuenca and artisan centers such as Otavalo. There are also several national parks with flora and very rich and varied fauna.

In this region coexist hot, warm and cold zones. Their inter-valley region has different altitudes and climates. In Quito, capital of Ecuador,

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The tourist region of the Sierra is known for preserving unique ecosystems of high Andean paramo peaks and valleys of great scenic value, which is complemented by crafts, cuisine and other cultural expressions of progressive experience. You can admire the beautiful lakes Mojanda, Cuicocha, San Pablo; Otavalo renowned fair, with its fabulous craft market; Cuenca, traditional colonial city; Vilcabamba Valley, a paradise of longevity. Spectacular world famous peaks make Ecuador an attractive destination for mountain lovers and adventure in this magnificent natural environment.

Baños de Agua Santa is famous for being one of the cities that attracts tourists in Ecuador, is, 3 hours south of Quito.Se strategically located in the center of Ecuador, between the Andes and the Ecuadorian Amazon, has a temperate humid spring weather throughout the year, with an average temperature of 18 ° C, is at a height of 1,820 meters on the slopes of the Tungurahua volcano.

It is the ideal place to enjoy a range of activities and attractions instead. It is located between the National Park Sangay and Llangantes,

The Cotopaxi National Park is a protected area of Ecuador located on the border of the provinces of Pichincha, Cotopaxi and Napo in Ecuador, which includes in its space Cotopaxi Volcano.

Its ecosystem is home to many tree species, especially pine, which turns the place into a unique site in South America and more reminiscent of an alpine forest to a forest in the Andes.

The park is connected to Quito on the Panamerican Highway, four-lane, which allows travel from the city to the park in about an hour and a quarter. An alternative is the train which also departs from Quito, and it takes an hour and a half to get to Park Station, another alternative would be entering the town of Machachi, addressing the Barrio Santa Ana del Pedregal, where they can visit some hosterias.

It has an area of 3 400- 5897 meters above sea level. The temperature ranges from 0 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius; with an annual average rainfall of 500-1500 mm